News from the Golden Coconut Cabanas

  • There is a new pool area. Have fun!!!

  • Save the turtles!

    The lush nature of Rekawa beach is the place of birth of five different kinds of ocean turtles.
    Several years after their birth they return to their home to lay their eggs.
    As ocean turtles are a threatened species it is very important that these eggs are protected.
    Unfortunately turtle eggs are seen as a native delicacy. In order to save the growing turtles,
    Karin and Georg buy as many turtle eggs as possible on the local markets.
    They put them back in the sand and protect them until they can make their way to the ocean on their own.

    Karin and Georg would love to share some more information about their project and their experiences with you.
    If you like to support this project, you can help with a little donation on site.
    In return you receive one of the delicious local recipes from Karin.

    Link: Coming soon...

  • New Airport

    In March 2013 the new international airport HRI opened its doors.
    Starting from there it is recommended to travel by cab to the resort.